Gorillas boss Kağan Sümer Gorillas - over 300 dismissals

This morning Gorillas announced that over 300 workers would be dismissed. Typical Gorillas: The works council in Berlin was not consulted. There was not even a communication from the company to the representation of interests. Only after press reports did the employees receive an email from Gorillas boss Kağan Sümer. The cynical email, written in English, is further proof of Gorilla's "wear and tear" methods. Instead of severance pay, there are only warm words from the boss.

Verfasst von Rechtsanwalt Martin Bechert 24. Mai 2022 · Aktualisiert: 14. März 2024

Gorillas boss Sümer mocks the employees affected by the dismissal with a cynical email – full of self-pity and pathos.

Instead of the promise of severance pay, the dismissed employees received an email from the boss himself. A collection of woolly thoughts that can at best be described as warm words. The employees at the headquarters will now find out what a works council, which they are supposed to have rejected by a majority so far, can be good for. It remains to be seen whether the works council (Betriebsrat) is competent at all. It is likely that the works council will try to negotiate a socialplan for the employees affected in Berlin. Only a few weeks ago, the works council concluded a socialplan for the workers in the closed Warehouse 01 („Alex“). Should this also be successful for the headquarters, the Berlin employees can also hope for a severance payment. If no social plan is concluded, the employees will have to take legal action against dismissal if they want to have a chance of not going home empty-handed.

„Dear Crew,


We are currently experiencing a unique wealth and money transfer in the capital markets that changes the world economy. Over the course of the last 24 months trillions of dollars have been injected into the economy, which created a tremendous growth wave for the world. Everyone was a winner, everyone had access to capital and all companies had high valuations. This was also favorable for Gorillas.

Two months ago in March, the markets turned upside down, and since then the situation has continued to worsen.


As a result, today, 300 of our global office teammates will have to leave us. I’m incredibly sad to part ways with our people who have built a one of a kind story. Please know that this decision does not reflect personal performance. I am and always will be grateful for your hard work and contribution to bring Gorillas to where it is today.

We will do our very best to support our impacted global office team mates.

I have no words to describe how difficult it is to deliver this news to you. Even though it is my duty as a leader to make tough business decisions, it is also my responsibility to care for the ones that make everything we do possible: our crew. We have identified ways to ensure that everyone is supported financially and for their next steps.

It is a time of change

I know this is a lot of news to digest. While it might seem like there are many changes happening at once, it’s important to see the common purpose – positioning and focusing our company for a successful future.

To our global office team, some final words to our teammates that have to leave us today:
From today onwards, keeping your legacy at its best will be our northstar. I promise to do my personal best for this.

We will continue to build on top of what you have built to ensure you can always be proud of having played a part in this.

I know you might feel frustration above everything else. This same frustration led me to build Gorillas after being impacted myself. I encourage you to be frustrated. To me, to markets, to the company. And then channel this frustration to create your own, new legacy.

You can always reach out to me personally. Once again, I’m incredibly grateful for what you have brought to Gorillas and I’d like to thank each and every one of you.